KOURAJ prides itself in being a grassroots organization of LGBT activists that delivers you news and human rights reports unavailable anywhere else, straight from the heart of the community. We pride ourselves in being a low-cost, high-efficiency organization that does not depend on charitable giving to fight for rights. With the help and support of an incredible community of believers in KOURAJ’s LGBT rights movement, we successfully raised enough funds to open the very first LGBT-friendly social enterprise in Haiti that will eventually finance an autonomous KOURAJ. Since we first organized, these brave individuals have sacrificed their time, their safety, and their resources to meet in allies’ houses, on the floor, without an office space, without transport stipends, every week, to make sure the movement for LGBT rights does not lose momentum. If you wish to support KOURAJ’s efforts after the Kickstarter campaign and before the launching of the social enterprise, we would deeply appreciate your support. Your support can go a long way for rights in Haiti:

  • $25 = public transport costs for KOURAJ’s founding members who live all across Port-au-Prince to meet once per week
  • $50 = makeup for one drag queen for both a performance and awareness workshop with other members of the community
  • $100 = monthly phone communication for Haitian LGBT organizers to assemble the community for demonstrations, vigils, or other public events
  • $150 = publishing fee for editorial in major Haitian newspaper to promote and diffuse KOURAJ’s messaging to the greater Haitian population
  • $250 = funds to buy a high resolution camera to document and archive KOURAJ’s work in the streets
  • $300 = printing costs for 2000 flyers to be distributed during public awareness events or demonstrations
  • $400 = funds to send KOURAJ team into the countryside to respond to cases of violence against LGBT persons to conduct human rights reporting, legal services, and provide supplementary assistance to victims
  • $500 = funds to organize and host an educational party in a safe space such that members of the community can learn from each other, exchange ideas, express themselves, experience LGBT culture, and receive materials on their human rights, HIV/AIDS, biblical arguments, etc.
  • $800 = computer for KOURAJ’s future office on which KOURAJ can produce and edit videos of its actions, have access to international LGBT news & organizations for potential collaboration, create documents for sharing and publishing, and professionalize the KOURAJ team such that its work has larger impact throughout Haiti (currently, KOURAJ only has one computer with internet access for stable use)
  • $5000 = annual rent for KOURAJ office in downtown Port-au-Prince where the organization may host events, invite in a professional manner other organizations or government officials to a centralized location, and welcome members of the community who have no safe space to go in either personal or public life (currently KOURAJ has no office)

Any and all support is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your solidarity.