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During one week in July, the founding members of KOURAJ traveled to Saut d’Eau for the annual festival to reach out to the thousands of participants and create awareness around human rights issues in the MMMM community: masisi, madivin, makomè, mix (roughly, gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual). In addition to handing out hundreds of KOURAJ manifestos, they spent the days speaking with local residents about homophobia and the realities for masisi living in Haiti. KOURAJ members interviewed several participants on their views of homosexuality and masisi as part of a grassroots qualitative research initiative to obtain accurate information on public perceptions of homosexuality both inside and outside the MMMM community. President Charlot Jeudy was spotted by the local Channel 11 reporter, who offered him a ten minute spot on Haitian television. Please watch the video here, and share it with your friends!

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